Welfare Clinic

by Ch Abdur Rahman Memorial Trust

Ch Abdur Rahman Memorial Trust has established a welfare clinic in the densly populated Burma Town area of Zone IV of Islamabad. The clinic is located close to the Main Lehtrar Road, the major artery of the area. 

The clinic aims to provide medical consultations and medicines to the area, on a discounted rate, as most of the area lacks proper healthcare facilities. 

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Ration Distribution

Ration Distribution for Widows:

Every month Ch. Abdur Rahman Memorial Trust distributes rations to the deserving and at risk widows of the area. Currently there are over 100 families enrolled with the Trust which receive this direct assistance. 

Ramadan Ration Drive
Ration Distribution activity by Ch Abdur Rahman Trust

Relief Activities: 

The Trust engages in a number of relief activities, and distributes rations and supplies to those in need. During the Covid-19 Lock Downs, the Trust helped a number of struggling families which were unable to make ends meet. 

Ramadan Ration: 

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Trust distributes rations to all the deserving families, labour and workers of the area. This year, the Ramadan Ration distribution drive was held at Rahman Enclave. 

Ration Card by Ch. Abdur Rahman Memorial Trust

Ration Cards: 

Keeping in view the requirements of some of the families, the Trust has issued Monthly Ration Cards. Deserving families are given these monthly ration cards for a period of One Year.

If you wish to apply for the ration cards, or know someone who can benefit from this, please get in touch with us. 


Food Rations Distributed To date!
Free Medical Camps Conducted to date

Medicine Donations

Ch. Abdur Rahman Memorial Trust has the primary objective of serving and giving back to the community which is most closely associated to the region where the businesses of the Bin Abdur Rahman family are located. Therefore, our first and foremost responsibility is towards the needs and deserving people in and our hometown. Specifically to the areas adjoining Rahman Enclave.

So we have started at home! We have conducted a number of Medial Camps and given donations to a number of hospital in the close proximity of Ch. Abdur Rahman Memorial Trust. 

Medicine Donations

Medicine Donations to Thalassemia Center PIMS:

In order to help the most deserving strata of society, and help the government in fighting diseases, the Trust regularly donates to the Thalassemia Center at PIMS. The prevalence of this disease is quite high in Pakistan, and with the right resources it can be contained.

Clean Drinking Water!

Clean drinking water is the most important basis necessity of life. Ch. Abdur Rahman Memorial Trust has been working closely with all the local entities to ensure that students, families and the general public has access to clean drinking water. 

Keeping in view that fact that Pakistan is one of the most water starved, and at risk countries in this regards, the Trust has set out to ensure unconstrained supply of drinking water to as many people as possible. 

Recently, the Trust donated the equipment, and paid for the boring of a water well at a local Madrasah. This is a form of Sadqa E Jariah as well, the students and the general public will get access to pure drinking water from this water facility. The students at the Madrasah also belong to the under-priviledged sections of society, and the Madrasah was unable to pay for this basic facility. 

Taking care of the most deserving sections of society!

Caring by Sharing meals!

Food Ration Distribution at Rahman Enclave

The workers and labours at Rahman Enclave are the most essential members of the Bin Abdur Rahman Business family. Their hard work and dedication has made our flagship project a success story! 

On every Thursday, the Trust distributes free food rations to the labours and workers at Rahman Enclave, and around the area where the offices of Ch. Abdur Rahman Memorial Trust are located. 

Food Ration Distribution at Rahman Enclave

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